New Moon and End of the Mayan Calendar 10/26 – 10/28

Tonight is an especially powerful new moon, ( great time to plant seeds, so to speak, of new ideas, new intentions etc.).  It’s strongest effect is today, plus 2 days either side of it.  This is the 5th of the years  6 Super moons, (when it is closest to the Earth and thus has more energy to it and more effect on tides, tectonic plates, and our psyches). In addition, this Friday is being, according to some scholars, the end of the Mayan Calender (not 12/21/2012)  You may have noticed feeling particularly pressured, or off, or the people around you might be a little out of it. It’s due to what is going on right now.  the protests, the earthquake in Turkey. So now is great time to sit down and redo your Mastery Resolution. It will help keep you centered, and in touch with your true self and your core intent.  Even if you don’t get any of what I just said or believe in any of it, you will feel better and better for it if you do your meditation tonight thru Friday.  Trust me.  It is a very powerful time.  One really worth paying attention to.
It’s a time when the angels are listening.

So some (just some, pulled from all of the resolutions) of the words of some  of the mastery resolutions:


“I am loved”

“I am calm and relaxed.”

“I am calm and confident.”

I am so happy I have found my authentic work.
I am filled with laughter, love, ease and joy.

I am valued.
I have integrity!
I am creative!
I am generously compensated for my work.
I have a great Life!

I am so grateful!

I am safe and secure in all ways.  I have freedom from fear.

I am grounded in my morals and values.
I am beautiful, energetic and successful.
I continue to grow in all the ways that I want to and for my highest good.

I focus on love and am connected to everything.
I am joyous
I live with ease.
Fully conscious, this is my way of being  in the world.

I am patient.  My higher self knows when to speak and guides me in every moment about what to say and do.

I am so grateful!

Love of myself
love of another
Love of the divine.

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