Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

Since 1984 Trace Elements has been recognized internationally as a leading provider of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) laboratory services and nutritional metabolic products for doctors and health professionals of all specialties worldwide. Through exclusive distribution agreements and direct-client associations, Trace Elements serves health professionals exclusively in over 46 countries. Using Trace Elements I can also test Equine, Canine, Feline hair and also water samples.

The sampled hair, obtained by cutting the one-half inch of growth closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck, is prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. Testing is then performed using highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods to achieve the most accurate and precise results.

The results indicate the absolute level of minerals in the sample as well as the ratios of minerals that work synergistically and antagonistically in metabolism. The ratio information is especially useful as it diagnostically provides a path forward for more balanced metabolism through dietary recommendations that will improve metabolism and overall health

Trace Elements offers reasonably nutritional supplements which are biased to mineral ration information from the analysis. Based on the lab results I can offer a specific supplement program that will enhance the effect of the dietary recommendations.

The tests are submitted by Brian Esty, and the initial followup will be managed by him, however, I will be able to work with the labs results with you as we work together. When you order this test, I will send you a kit that you can use to submit a hair sample. About a week after you submit the test I will get the results, and will forward them to you by email. Because the report is extensive and can be challenging to assimilate, Brian Esty will review it before sending it on and make several suggestions regarding the most salient points. After you review the results, he will be available for a 1/2 hour phone session or by email to answer any questions.


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About Brian Esty

Brian has been studying mineral balance since 2006, and has worked with over 100 clients using this modality. He is currently working on certification in trace mineral analysis.