Personal Stress Relief Card

Congratulations! Your Personal Stress Relief Card will help when you know you are off center, the stakes matter and you want to get grounded quickly. It can help in situations like an important job interview; when your kids are screaming, or when someone you love is in the hospital. We all do better when we can remain calm, be present and respond optimally. This card will help you do just that. Keep it handy. Put it in your purse or wallet. Laminate it. Use it in good health!

There are two styles for you depending on your needs:

Clean Card Option 1: Clean & Crisp. Great wallet size option and works well for printers that allow for double sided printing.

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Serene Card Option 2: Serene & Meditative. This will print one sided and has a larger sized and wallet sized card.

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This card has the top 5 ways you know to take care of yourself when everything around you is breaking loose, changing rapidly, and pressure is on.

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