Roslyn is that rarest of healers: a professional who is also an empathetic listener, a qualified therapist who is also a true spiritual guide. I suppose I’ve come to see that therapy without empathy–or spirituality–is, while useful, not sufficient. The link Roslyn forged with me was made as much from love as it was from wisdom; love that flowed from her core goodness, and wisdom that came as much from her sense of the spirit as it did from a book. This sounds hokey and Northern Californian; and yet let me tell you that I made more progress with Roslyn in two months, than in two years with a more traditional therapist. With charm, love, and inexorable logic, in equal parts, she broke down walls I hadn’t even known were there. And after all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

We visited Sedona; if you have the chance, go. With her. You can almost not afford not to…

Male, 42, Developer, San Francisco

I originally went to see Roslyn after the sudden death of my father. She really helped me make sense of it all, and find a place within myself to deal with the emotions I was feeling. In our visits together, I realized very quickly that Roslyn’s empathy, understanding and spiritual approach could help me in other aspects of my life… career, personal life, how to deal with the myriad of challenges and opportunities coming my way, etc.

She has a grace about her that’s not only comforting and nurturing, but so helpful in cutting right to the matter at hand. Roslyn has helped to open me up as a human being and to realize my fullest potential and find my true authentic power. She has been a blessing to me on so many levels—hers is a true gift from up above.

DK, 40, Musician, Los Angeles

… Roslyn has a profound effect on just about every aspect of my life: family, love, career, home and health. No matter what the issue, she has an amazing ability to zoom in on the very heart of the matter. And with insight, compassion and wisdom, she shows you around and guides you to next steps…

James, 41, Attorney, Mill Valley

I came into the process of working with a coach a bit skeptical and unsure. I had never been a person who particularly believed in the process or had ever been exposed to it. But from our first session, I knew I had found the key to unlocking answers I couldn’t find on my own. Armed only with a vague sense that I wanted my life to be something else, Roslyn helped me find a way to actually make that happen.

RM, 35, New Mother & Project Manager, San Francisco

I have used Roslyn’s wise mind and quick wit to help navigate my way through a divorce, family issues, co-dependency and ultimately to find my way in a whole new world of love and parenting.
She has been a solid base for me and has always provided me with love, strength, support and wisdom. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family.

LT, 39, Salesperson, Mill Valley

I’ve worked with Roslyn Whitney off and on for almost eight years now. She has been a significant source of guidance and force of motion at several crossroads in my personal and professional life–changing careers, getting married, buying my first home, bringing our first child into this world. Having Roslyn as a sounding board and guidepost through those life-altering transformations has been invaluable.

Laura E, 40, Graphic Designer, Bay Area