This is the true joy in life: Being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. – George Bernard Shaw

At different times in our lives it is important that we get away by ourselves or with others to reinvent, rediscover, or rekindle something that was lost or create something new. Sometimes it is our relationship with ourselves that needs revamping; our relationship with our significant other needs enhancing; or our business has to grow to a new level or shift to a new path.

These are reasons why I offer and at various times encourage my clients to accompany me on a retreat, often to places that are energy vortexes – locations that make doing this kind of work easier, more impactful, and more fun. From mini-escapes for rejuvenation, to longer three-day retreats in Sedona, AZ; Mt. Shasta, CA; or here in the Bay Area, spending time and attention to fully focus on yourself is one way to fully utilize all the skills I can bring to bear on your issue and its unfolding to a new form.