Chakra Meditation with Hand Mudras

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom technique is a widely used self help protocol with broadly validated efficacy. Here is a link to the primary website where you can download the basic manual for free: EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE There are also many excellent Youtube videos on variations of this technique.

Values Exercises

I highly recommend doing these values exercises in times of indecision and to keep you on your path of Right Action and True Heart. Link to Values Exercises

You Wish You Had a Million Dollars? Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It

So you think you would like to have a million dollars, right? Are you sure about this? We have all said this at one point in our life, right? We say this because we think it will make us happy or happier, correct? Well, not so fast. If you look at the data from people […]

Getting Married? Till Death Do You Part? Really?

Staying together, till death do you part is  a pretty good place to start from.  However, given that we can potentially have five or more careers in our lifetime and might live to be older than 80 or 90 or 100, then we also might want to develop another model that does not inflict so […]

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