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This 60-minute guided journey with intro and 5 min. relaxation meditation is designed to calm and relax you; to have you experience a new vision of yourself, your life, and what you are really capable of. The journey is a workshop in itself.

Script written and spoken by Roslyn Whitney, music by Praful.

60+ Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Awakening


This CD was recorded at a studio on the top of Mt. Tamalpais, CA. The water sounds were also recorded here. The American Indians from this area feel this is a sacred mountain. Hopefully, you will feel some of the same spirit coming through and blessing the work you do with this meditation. In an age of increasing information, sometimes it is a blessing to just take a few minutes and sit still and get quiet; clear your mind, rediscover what is important to you, and act from there.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney

46.95 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Discernment


Designed to help women get pregnant by using visualization. 1/2 relaxation; 1/2 visualization.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney

33.08 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Fertility

My Sanctuary

To help people realize they always have a safe place to go – where they can access peace and calm – and, if they desire, get answers to three questions from their guides & angels. 1/2 relaxation; 1/2 personal creation of the sanctuary and experiencing it. Also good for when one has difficulty sleeping.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney

35.25 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: My Sanctuary


Research has shown that practicing Gratitude is one sure way to to increase joy and fulfillment in life, in all ways.

This guided meditation, with a brief introduction, is designed to help you focus on the myriad of life’s blessings that you might express gratitude for. It is to aid you in your daily practice of gratitude.

If one is familiar and practiced with expressing gratitude daily, e.g., listing 5 daily “gratitudes” in your Gratitude Journal, then you would be more supported by expressing gratitude with intensity in your 5 mins. a day practice vs. quantity.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney

30.52 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Gratitude

Recovery From Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the salient trauma of 15% of all pregnant women. This audio was created to assist in the recovery from having a miscarriage, whether in the first trimester or somewhere along in the next 1-6 months. Allows a woman to experience grieving her loss and saying “goodbye” to her little spirit. This is best used when a woman feels up to it – it helps her fully release the trauma – and recover. The first part is a guided relaxation and one can use it just for this.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney

40.43 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Miscarriage

Being Mindful

This meditation is crafted to assist you to be more inner and outer connected, to yourself, your life, and the world around you. It will stimulate your senses, heightening your experience of being fully alive and awake.
It is to be experienced outside, in nature, moving, walking; feeling what it is like to be in your body, experiencing what you see, smell, and hear; enhancing your Mindfulness practice.
One moment fully experienced is worth a million numbed out. Capture the not-noticed moments past every day and move them into mindfulness. Your life will have a deeper resonance, one worth living, enriched with wellness, calm, and balance.

Script written and spoken by Roslyn Whitney, music by Praful.

29.05 Minutes


Roslyn Whitney: Being Mindful