Motivational Speaking

Life has one ultimate message: “Yes!” repeated in infinite number and variety. – George Leonard

My job as a speaker is to excite the soul of the listener, ignite their belief in their abilities, and empower them with tools to achieve their dreams.

I speak from heart to heart – from my heart to the person in the room – to open up the soul, to get people to peal back the layers of baggage, to get them present and authentic and motivated to live more powerfully and exuberantly, fulfilling their dream life.

Topics I speak to:

  • Love and Forgiveness: the Essence of All Great Relationships
  • All You Need is Love: Attracting Your Perfect Partner; Creating Your Perfect Relationship
  • Jealousy, the Green Dragon, How to Not Let It Consume You
  • How To Raise a Healthy Human Being/Your Child – the Five Most Important Things
  • Finding True Purpose: Right Livelihood in These Challenging Times
  • Guiding the Feminine to Take Her Right Place in the World, Now
  • Women and Men, Now What?

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