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This 60-minute guided journey with intro and 5 min. relaxation meditation is designed to calm and relax you; to have you experience a new vision of yourself, your life and what you are really capable of. The journey is a workshop in itself.

Music by Praful, Spoken word by Roslyn Whitney


Discernment – what matters most…NOW

This CD was recorded at a studio on the top of Mt. Tamalpais, CA. The water sounds were also recorded here. The American Indians from this area feel this is a sacred mountain. Hopefully, you will feel some of the same spirit coming through and blessing the work you do with this meditation. In an age of increasing information, sometimes it is a blessing to just take a few minutes and sit still and get quite; clear your mind, rediscover what is important to you, and act from there.

Music by John Hoy, spoken word by Roslyn Whitney