Dreams of a butterfly

Dreams are a fabulous tool to use to tell us how we are doing in the world and in our life. They can tell us what to be on the look out for; give us encouragement; how to be more creative; and help us raise our vibrational resonance.

This morning I awoke with the visual image of a big, luminescent, bright pink butterfly from my dreams. I know that deep pink is the color of depth and maturity in love; butterfly is the symbol of transformation and of Gemini, which is my birth sign.

As I am in the process of changing and upgrading my website – of transforming – with “Love” being at the core of my being and work, I am thus encouraged –

to “take heart” –

to take flight –

to be at peace in the process (of change) –

and FLY.

I encourage you to work with your dreams in a similar fashion.

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