What Is On Your Personal Stress Relief Card? You Had Better Have One As, ‘Times They Are A Changing’

What Is On Your Personal Recovery Card  You Had Better Have One As, 'Times They Are A Changing'What is on your Personal Stress Relief 3X5 self-care card?  Do you have one?  You don’t have one?  Well then you need to make one because sure as the sky is blue, you are going to need it sometime, likely soon, given the changes that are happening all around us these days.

This card has the top 5 ways you know to take care of yourself when everything around you is breaking loose, changing rapidly, and pressure is on.  It is during these times you must be able to keep you keep your head together.  You need to know that you can stay grounded to make quick and good decisions and appropriate responses in sometimes challenging circumstances.  If you can, you just may serve as a life saver not only to yourself but to those around you.  Even if it is not life threatening, your personal grounding techniques can help you when you are going or experiencing other impactful events.

Mind Up, a school curriculum developed by Goldie Hahn and others, sets out to help children learn how to stay calm and why.  Basically, it is about how to keep the reptilian part of your brain calm, not overstimulated, so that the executive part of our brain, the frontal cortex can be activated and make good executive functioning decisions.

So let’s look at just what might go on such a card.

One woman thought that the recommendation by K. Neff, in her book on Compassion, of a self-hug was just the best, not with a pillow like some prefer it to be, but just a plain, unadulterated hug by self to self.  This felt warm, calming and loving.  Perfect!  For someone else, it might ht not work as well as just  knowing:  “Don’t take it personally.”  For others having a mantra on their card like , one word, “Peace”, or “saying “om’ might be it.  Some like affirmations like, “I am innocent”, or “I am safe”; “I am loved”, or “All is well”.  Some spiritual people might like, “I am”, or “I am, I am Love, that I am”.  Others will have yoga or some form of physical exercise on their card, like taking a walk around the block.  Hydrasoles are good.  Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy” is helpful.  Aromatherapy, smelling something like orange can be recentering.

All of these techniques help change your physical state of mind, quickly, by changing what you think, see, feel.  If you have the time, you might also be able to call a good friend, counselor, or therapist, or have their words in your head when you need them, like “Stay Calm and carry on.” There is also what Scarlett would say in Gone With the Wind, when all hell was breaking loose around her during the civil war, …”I will think about that, tomorrow”.

“Tapping”, the Emotional Freedom Technique or other tapping techniques, like Temporal Tapping are also great if you know them. Holding your Emotional Stress Release Points, (ESR points) from Energy Kinesiology is also very helpful to reset your brain and stay calm.  Using the pendulum and other muscle tests are other great ways to detect what your subconscious mind (80-90% of your brain) is telling you, very helpful when your mental mind cannot figure something out.

So what do you want on your 3X5 Card?  Pick 5 top remedies that you know that work the best for you to recenter, get grounded quickly and to stay balanced.  Write them on your card.  Put it in your purse or wallet.  Pull it out when you need it.  Memorize them so they will come to you automatically.  Have fun. Be well.


Article Author: Roslyn Whitney is a spiritual life coach, combining her psychology Masters with the world of spirituality and the advanced transformational tools of HPT, NLP, and meditation. She is the creator of the Life Mastery Program which helps you focus on the most significant thing to move your forward in life. She focuses on helping people transform in love and work – to create beautiful and spectacularly fulfilling lives. www.roslynwhitney.com

Photo Source: courtesy of Stuart Miles  / Free Digital Photos

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